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AB&Company Co., Ltd. has established the following "Guidelines" in accordance with the Conduct Guidelines and the Basic Policy on Compliance with Laws and Regulations, etc. for the purpose of cutting off relations with anti-social forces that threaten the order and safety of society, rejecting unreasonable demands, etc., maintaining trust in the beauty salon business, and ensuring the appropriateness and soundness of its business operations.

  1. 1.Cutting off all relations, including business transactions

    We will cut off all relationships with anti-social forces, including business transactions, and we will not comply with any unreasonable demands from anti-social forces.

  2. 2.Organizational response

    We will systematically respond to anti-social forces, and when we take measures to cut off relations with anti-social forces, we will give top priority to ensuring the safety of our officers and employees.

  3. 3.Cooperation with external expert organizations

    Under normal circumstances, we will establish close cooperative relationships with external expert organizations, such as the police, lawyers, and centers for removal of criminal organizations, and work to eliminate anti-social forces in cooperation with external expert organizations

  4. 4.Prohibition of funding and backroom deals

    We will not provide funds, or favors or facilities, etc. to anti-social forces, nor engage in backroom deals with anti-social forces, for any reason whatsoever.

  5. 5.Civil and criminal legal responses in case of emergency

    We will take legal actions on both a civil and criminal basis against unreasonable demands from anti-social forces.

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