AB&Company's basic policy regarding the distribution of profits is to pay stable dividends on a continual basis, while securing internal reserves necessary for future business development and the strengthening of the management structure. However, since the Company believes that it is currently in a growth phase, it has determined that enhancing internal reserves, business development, and the strengthening of its management foundations will serve the interests of shareholders, and therefore has not paid dividends of surplus. In future, the Company’s policy will be to strive to improve corporate value and consider opportunities to return profits to shareholders, while taking into consideration the balance of these factors with the internal reserves necessary for future business expansion. However, as the dividend policy is linked to business performance, if business performance deteriorates, dividends may decrease or not be paid. Furthermore, the Company has adopted an interim dividend system as provided for in Article 454, paragraph (5) of the Companies Act. The Company's Articles of Incorporation also stipulate that interim dividends may be paid by resolution of the Board of Directors.