Mission (Philosophy) 

We provide happiness and joy to our customers with the belief that Stylist comes first

We believe that resolving the issues in the beauty industry that are long working hours and low wages for hairdressers, and creating and improving their career design to bring joy to the stylists themselves will lead to further customer happiness.

Vision (Goals) 

We will develop theaters we call beauty salons throughout Japan that will move customers' hearts

We believe that by focusing on strengthening our organization and developing our human resources, we can increase our business value of creating joy and excitement for our customers, and that we need theaters we call beauty salons throughout Japan to express this value.

Values (Code of Conduct) 

  • 1. Challenge Yourself
  • 2. Never Give Up
  • 3. Stay Innovative

In order to provide the best services possible, we will continue to take on challenges, never give up despite setbacks, and create innovative theaters that will be spotlighted as never before.