What is the origin of the Company’s name?
It stands for “Agu., beauty, and company.”
What businesses does the Company operate?
Please refer to the Our Business.
What is your corporate philosophy?
Please refer to the Corporate Philosophy.
What is the history of the Company?
Please refer to the Our History.
What Group companies exist?
Please refer to the Our Company.
When was the Company listed on Mothers?
The Company was listed on the Mothers section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange on November 19, 2021.
Please tell me the Company’s securities code.
When is the fiscal year, and when is the Shareholders’ Meeting?
Please refer to the IR Calendar.
What is the current share price?
Please refer to Yahoo! Finance page [Japanese Only].
How many shares comprise one trading unit?
Please refer to the Genral Information.
What corporate governance initiatives are in place?
Please refer to the Corporate Governance.
Where is the contact point for notifications and inquiries concerning procedures related to the shares, such as an entry of name change and inheritance?
Please refer to the mailing address and contact for telephone inquiries provided on the page with Genral Information.
I would like to speak directly to someone in the Company’s IR department on the telephone.
We apologize for the inconvenience, but the Company does not accept such calls, in order to prevent inconsistencies and misunderstandings in verbal communication. For inquiries, please refer to the Contact Us.
I would like to read the public announcements.
Please see the Electronic Public Notices [Japanese Only].