Strengths and characteristics of our business

As a leading company in the beauty salon industry, our Group will continue to grow by steadily opening new stores while maintaining a sense of speed by further refining the strengths as described below.

Customer acquisition ability

We can provide our customers with highly cost-effective services, by controlling material costs and others, taking advantage of the economies of scale from operating more than 600 beauty salons (as of April 2021) and controlling the rent expenses on land and buildings by using the second floor or higher of buildings and opening salons in rural areas. In addition, we have achieved the high ability to attract customers at low cost, having accumulated know-how on the efficient operation of HOT PEPPER Beauty, which is frequently used for beauty salon reservations.

Ability to acquire hairstylist resources

Many hairstylists belonging to our Group work flexibly in accordance with individual lifestyles, due to their outsourced working style, enabling many dormant hairstylists to return to work as a result. In addition, it is a system that remunerations are paid for the treatment performed under the commission-only remuneration system, which contributes to the enhancement of hairstylist satisfaction and in turn to their retention by our Group.

Salon opening ability

We have built a structure that enables us to open stores quickly while reducing store opening costs, by including interior decorators in our Group through M&As. In addition, we can open stores in a manner that avoids competition while maintaining a sense of speed, by selecting senior FC owners in each area and adjusting store openings as necessary.

Salon Openings

660 Salons in 47 Prefectures in Japan and 3.70 Million Visitors per Year

Salon Openings by Prefecture and Region (As of October 31, 2021)

  • *1 Number of salons operating and generating sales as of October 31, 2021
  • *2 Annual number of visitors for FYE October 2021