We are working to create
an environment where hairstylists
can work with true satisfactionAB&Company Co., Ltd.
CEO and Director Kazuhiro Ichinose

Since its founding, Agu. Group has been aiming to change the beauty salon industry, where low wages and long working hours are the norm.

We believe that only when the hairstylists who meet customers can work with a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment can they provide happiness to the customers they serve, and we have been able to achieve continuous growth as a company by continuing to work diligently to "create an environment where hairdressers can work with true satisfaction".

Agu. Group has more than 600 salons, making it one of the largest beauty salon groups in Japan. However, we will continue to take on challenges and grow, aiming to become a group that is loved and needed by all our stakeholders, based on our corporate philosophy of "Providing happiness and joy to our customers with the belief that hairstylist comes first."

CEO and Director Kazuhiro Ichinose