Brand introduction

Our Group has the following brands.

  • HAIR SALON "Agu. "

    Agu. provides "Affordable and high-quality service."
    Hairdressers who can be consulted easily will bring smiles to many customers.

    HP : https://agu-hair.com/

  • Men's Salon "FADE & LINE"

    We are pursuing comfort and coolness. We offer a wide range of styling, from skin-fading to formal hair style for suits.

    HP : https://fade-and-line.com/


    This is our Group's first overseas expansion. We will expand our store management know-how cultivated in Japan to the North American market.

    HP : https://agusalon.com/

  • Retro beauty salon "Fuji Toyo Barber Shop"

    Up-and-coming hairdressers propose a wide range of styles, not caught up in age, time and fashion trends, but incorporating a new sense of Reiwa.

    HP : https://fuji-oriental.com/

  • Dry bed spa "Chill Dry Head Spa"

    You can enjoy a high quality head spa in a luxurious space where you can forget your daily life. Our therapists are healing professionals.

    HP : https://keshiki-corporation.com/service/headspa/

  • Hair coloring specialized store "CS made by SHACHU"

    Hair coloring specialized store produced by a leading hair coloring artist.

    HP : https://cs-madebyshachu.com/

Business introduction

Our company has three main businesses
  • ・Business of operating directly managed beauty salons - Operation of directly managed stores
  • ・Franchise Business - Operating support for franchised stores
  • ・Interior Design - Store design, layout and construction focusing on beauty salons