Corporate Governance Overview

Basic Approach to Corporate Governance

AB&Company recognizes that effective corporate governance is essential to the sustainable growth of corporate value, and thus positions the strengthening and enhancement of corporate governance systems as an important issue.

Based on this understanding, the Company will strengthen internal controls through the division of duties, development of rules, etc., and review systems as needed to maximize corporate value.

Outline and Reasons for Adoption of Corporate Governance Systems

In order to pursue efficient management and at the same time ensure a system in which functions related to the monitoring of management function appropriately, AB&Company has adopted an Audit & Supervisory Board system based on the judgment that it is appropriate to maintain a corporate governance system based on a system for monitoring management by the Board of Directors, which consists of internal directors with expertise in business operations and financial operations and internal information and Outside Directors with extensive knowledge and experience in specialized fields, and the Audit & Supervisory Board Members, including Outside Audit & Supervisory Board Members.

Corporate Governance and Internal Management System